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Do you need a deposit to reserve the photo booth?
Yes. We require a $200 deposit to book your event. The remaining balance is due at least 5 days prior to the event.

Does the rental price include set up and delivery or is that extra?

Our rental charge includes delivery, set up, breakdown, the onsite attendant, etc. There is no extra fee.

What areas do you cover?
Wherever you need us! We cover all of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas at no additonal charge. Events outside of the DFW area may be subject to a travel fee. Please contact us for availability.

Can we come see the photo booth prior to the event?
Unfortunately, we do not have a physical office/warehouse location to go to. The reason for this is to keep our overhead low and pass these savings on to you. However, we can send you sample prints and additional pictures of the photo booth.  Just let us know and we’ll be happy to send them over.

Is there an attendant with the photo booth for the entire time?
Yes. Our professional and friendly attendants stay with the photo booth to ensure it works properly and help guests with any questions.

How long does it take to set up the photo booth?
It depends, but on average about 30 minutes. However, we will normally arrive one hour early to make sure we have plenty of time.

Can you do strips or different print layouts?
Yes. We offer a large variety of layouts ranging from one to four pictures with custom logos and backgrounds.

Do I get to keep the images from the photo booth after the event?
Yes! Most packages include a download link containing all images at no additional cost.

Can I decide what the graphics on the prints will look like and/or say?
Absolutely! Included in our packages is a personalized print design. Contact us for more details.

When will my event pictures be available online?
Photos are usually posted within three days of the event.

What if someone takes an inappropriate picture?
We do review the pictures before posting them online. Also, if you or anyone sees one they would like removed, let us know and we can do this right away.

How many people can fit in the photo booth?
Well, frankly it depends on the size of the people! We have seen as many as ten faces in some of our pictures.

How big is your photo booth?
The Classic Photo Booth is 4′ by 8′. The other booths have a bigger footprint.

Do you need anything from me on the day of the event?
The only thing we need is a standard 120 volt electrical outlet within 30 feet of the booth location.